• November 29, 2023

Somalian Immigrants Violently RIOT In Ohio For Free Housing While Our Vets Sleep On The Street

After the 2012 Refugee riots in Ohio, where refugees took the the streets and threatened civilians and police officers, we should have learned our lesson about how ungrateful these people really are. As our vets lay on the streets of the country THEY RISKED THEIR LIVES FOR..there are hundreds of violent anti-American psychopaths storming our streets demanding free housing. Get a load of this:

VIA| Who else remembers when hundreds of rioting Somalian refugees had to be maced by police in Columbus, Ohio? It was 2012, and hundreds of “refugees” had to be subdued by police after they were out in the streets rioting for subsidized housing. Why do we continue to import these refugees and house them, when those who risked everything and served our country are left on the streets? We shouldn’t take care of non Americans if we can’t even take care of our own. NO solider gets left behind….or at least that’s how it was before Obama.

Even though the refugee resettlement agencies claim that it’s paid for, it’s NOT. Check out the video below, and realize that there have been THOUSANDS of more refugees imported to Ohio since then….including the recent “refugee” that drove a car into a crowd and stabbed everyone in sight. This is DISGUSTING!!! It’s time for America to WAKE UP! 



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