• December 4, 2022

Jill Biden Forced To Drag Papa Joe Away Like A Small Child!

If you were not aware yet, Jill Biden is Joe Biden’s prime handler.

Jill is always the one that reigns in Joe when he starts wandering off or blubbers about something random.

She knows exactly how bad Joe is and just what he needs to hear to bring him back to reality.

At this point, Joe’s mental deficits are widely known which is most likely the cause of his tanking poll numbers.

So, it’s no wonder she’s keeping much closer to her senile, frail husband these days, and last week’s debacle was no exception.

You can watch the video below:

Here’s what people online are saying:

“What do they have on @FLOTUS that she allows her husband to be used this way? It’s actually sad. Shame on her!”

“They can’t let him speak he might accidentally tell the truth.”

“After a tough week of screwing up, Biden gives the country a well-deserved break… glad he’s leaving, wish he’d stay in Delaware” 

“Leader of the free world. LOL” 

“Jill keeps him on a short leash”

“Elder Abuse. Someone should arrest Dr. Jill” 

“O.M.G… Can you just imagine if Melania had come up, interrupted and grabbed President Trump’s hand like that in the middle of him speaking to the press “

“t’s clear that he has no idea where he is and she’s one of his handlers.”

““Dr” Jill is an elder abuser”

“This is who Liz Cheney thinks is a leader lmao” 

“Quite the optics – wouldn’t want any media questions about the 47 disasters Biden is overseeing to slow them down from getting to the beach for the weekend.”

“This idiot is not in control”

“The United States of America is the laughing stock of the world”

I know this looks bad, and it sucks to see it, but get it out there, and make everyone look at this circus, day in and day out.

Let the few real Biden voters out there see this humiliation they voted for — shove their noses in it.

Please, make sure every American watches this video.

They need to see the embarrassment unfold day after day, so we never allow this to happen again.

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