• June 24, 2024

Joe Biden Arrived In Israel And Looked About As Lost As A Person Could Possibly Be.. [VIDEO]

Joe Biden traveled to Israel on Wednesday for meetings with Israeli leaders in Tel Aviv.

Antony Blinken, the reticent Secretary of State, was there to join him. He knew Joe Biden would not abandon him like the other Muslim leaders in the Middle East.

As a press conference came to a close, Joe Biden began yelling something at someone.

Then he appeared lost as he was led away from the scene.

What a pitiful performance – a national humiliation.



Earlier, at the historic meeting with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Biden was obliged to read his speech out from notecards.

He could not simply talk spontaneously.

Biden is a total fraud, and he knows it.

He’s no more “President” than my dog is, and even less qualified than my dog.

However, I would trust my dog more as president than him.

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