• May 16, 2022

LEAKED Reports On What Is Happening In Jill Biden’s Office Are Beyond Horrific!

We’re not new about how Kamala Harris runs a toxic and abusive operation, there all over the news though.

She always makes her staffers cry, berated, and are even treated like scum.

But we heard very little about this new tyrant in Jill Biden’s operation, until now.

Anthony Bernal, a top aide of Jill Biden was accused of a “mean streak” in a Politico report that alleged it’s common knowledge that he makes colleagues cry while controlling access to the first lady.

Bernal has a habit of “berating” people and trashes his “stupid” coworkers behind their backs, according to the report.

A job well done Jill.

Here’s an excerpt from Daily Wire’s reports:

An advisor to Jill Biden, Anthony Bernal, has been described as the most powerful person in the office of the first lady, who already holds a highly influential elevated role, as outlined in a recent Vogue puff piece.

Bernal is also reportedly somewhat of a tyrant.

“[T]he way he has wielded that power has made Bernal one of the most polarizing people in the White House, according to interviews with more than two dozen White House staffers, former campaign aides, and people who worked with him during the Obama administration,” Politico reported.

In Bernal’s “pursuit of perfection” for FLOTUS, Politico said, the advisor has treated staffers poorly, so poorly that the atmosphere has been likened to the movie “The Devil Wears Prada.”

“Many described him as ‘berating’ and ‘toxic’ because of his unfiltered criticism of others and tendency to trash talk his colleagues behind their backs,” the report said. “Some compare him to [Meryl Streep’s] character in ‘Devil Wears Prada’ while another equated him to the ever-conspiring Littlefinger in ‘Game of Thrones.’”

The report detailed Bernal’s alleged behavior toward staffers, some of whom apparently “surreptitiously” recorded the advisor during meetings:

Stories of Bernal making staffers cry are an open secret in the Biden world with seemingly everyone knowing someone who has been on the receiving end. Two former campaign staffers said they heard Bernal call people “stupid” in meetings or over the phone. During the campaign and in the White House, some staffers felt the behavior was so noxious that they began surreptitiously recording him in meetings, according to two officials who others confided in about recording him. West Wing Playbook has not heard the recordings. The First Lady’s office did not address the recordings in their comment.

I’d bet a million bucks that Jill Biden isn’t the sweet little “granny” she likes to portray herself to be.

My guess is that she’s a power-crazed woman who is eyeballing her husband’s job, and wants to push Kamala out of the way.

So, it’s not surprising that she has an absolute tyrant running her office…she likely appreciates that “management style.”

Sources: WayneDupree, DailyWire, Politico

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