• July 19, 2024

Man Stops Boy After Noticing What He Was Dragging Down The Street (Video)

A man in Cleveland was so impressed by a teen in his neighborhood, he had to run out and film the young man. He posted the video online, and now it’s going viral.A man who goes by the name ‘@Deonshotme’ on Instagram saw a young teen walking through his neighborhood. The man grabbed his phone and started filming as he asked the kid some questions.

The 14-year-old boy, named Daron, was riding a bike with a home-made hitch. The boy explains that he saved money for the bike and the wood, and he built the hitch himself. He did it to help him with his lawnmower business.

“I like cutting grass and I have yards that are way too far, so I don’t like walking or pushing a lawnmower, a weed Wacker or boring stuff, so I saved enough money to buy this bike right here, and I bought a couple pieces of wood. So I got this trailer, this hitch… and I have a crate in front with the gas cans,” the teen said.

The teen then whipped out his own business card for his lawn care service.

Deonshotme was impressed and encouraged the young man to get an Instagram or Snapchat account.

Deonshotme posted the film and wrote he was ‘going to support this kid business and pass the word on to everybody I can for him because he is def talented!!!he got more hustle then most grown men I know!!!’

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