• July 18, 2024

After Maryland Teen’s Rape, Mass. Mayor Reveals the ‘Tremendous Strain’ Immigration Has on Her Town

The rape of a 14-year-old Maryland girl by two older, undocumented immigrants during school hours horrified Americans across the country.

While the preposterous accusations have made us concerned for the city of Rockville, Maryland is absolutely not the only state facing the severe consequences of illegal immigration.

Lynn (MA) Mayor Judith Flanagan Kennedy stated on a segment with Fox News’ Judge Jeanine Pirro that her city has also experienced “a significant influx of undocumented immigrants, one that is causing a tremendous strain on her budget, school system, and community.”

Screenshot/Fox News

Kennedy pointed out the issue that illegals often arrive without criminal histories, birth certificates or “records of any sort”:

“Many of these children who are coming in stopped their formal education at third grade. But they are growing well into adulthood, and we can’t put them into a third-grade classroom.”

Kennedy has tirelessly tried to come up with alternate solutions to putting grown men in classrooms with small children, however, when the mayor tried to create night classes for these groups, she says that she was blocked from doing so:

“We were told by a children’s advocacy group that we were not giving equal education to these students, so we had to shut down the night school and put everyone into the regular daytime classes.”

But this isn’t the first time Mayor Kennedy has warned the public of the difficulties her community has faced.

In July 2014, Kennedy also spoke with Fox News about the major stressed the flood of undocumented immigrants had placed on the community.

Her statistics were alarming:

“This year, I have had to increase my school department budget 9.3 percent, and have had to cut all of my other city budgets between 2 percent and 5 percent to make up for the influx of the unaccompanied children and the surge.

We have had over 1,000 not-native-born children enter our school system in the last four years.”

It is clear that the city of Lynn does not have the means to take care of the massive influx of immigrants placed in the school system, yet despite the major strain and frustration this issue has caused both the mayor and the residents for years, they have yet to figure out a solution.

Perhaps it’s time it all comes to an end.

This is Trump’s America, now!

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