• June 17, 2024


There is a very simple fact of life that the government doesn’t want you to know about. They want you to believe that most people are simpletons, and without the firm guidance of their laws and enforcers, we would be hopeless. The truth of the matter is that people are pretty good at regulating themselves in most cases. Society works, not because the government is threatening us with violence and imprisonment, but because it’s mutually beneficial. It just makes sense to work together, and look after each other. Most people don’t need to be threatened into doing the right thing.

The gun grabbers don’t realize that. They believe that if the government doesn’t step in to tightly regulate our lives, or in this case, to tightly regulate firearm ownership, that there will be anarchy in the streets. Robberies, suicides, and mass murders will be rampant, and the only way to prevent that is for the government to be the gatekeeper of firearm ownership.

The reality of the matter is that our government is a terrible gatekeeper, especially when it comes to mentally ill people. Most mass shooters in recent years would have been able to (or did) pass a background check, and President Obama’s executive orders would do next to nothing to stop future mass shooters.

So what can stop mass shooters before they go on a rampage? In some cases, the good judgement and common sense of the person who might sell them a gun is sufficient.

Last week James D. Howard was arrested after assaulting an Ohio University employee. It was later found that he attempted to buy a gunright after the attack, as well as “an enormous amount of ammunition”according to the Sheriff of Hocking County. It’s now believed that he was planning a mass shooting at the university. However, he was thwarted by a gun store owner who refused to sell him a firearm.

James Howard passed a background check when attempting to buy a long gun last Monday, but sounded as if he might be planning to hurt himself or others, John Downs, owner of Downs Bait and Guns, told local TV station WSYX.

“I just said, you know what, bud, I have a really bad feeling about this. I just can’t sell you the gun,” Downs said.

The former Ohio University student and hockey player left the store angry, and later returned, according to Downs.

The store owner then turned off the shop’s “open” sign, told his customers to hide, loaded three guns, and called 911, he said.

Howard was later arrested at a nearby Walmart while buying survival gear, CNN reports.

Howard by the way, passed a background check despite having a history of mental health issues. The only thing that stopped him was a gun store owner with a good head on his shoulders. When the government fails to protect us, our fellow citizens are more than able to pick up the slack.

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