• April 13, 2024

McDonald’s Is Redesigning Its Cups And Some People Are Losing Their Minds Over It…

All Americans should be required to receive the COVID-19 vaccine, according to numerous groups and people. However, some people have criticized vaccine requirements, calling them unethical.

Of course, any mandate should exempt people who cannot receive the vaccine for medical reasons, but those opposed to vaccination mandates have argued that they are unethical because they might infringe on personal liberties or because they violate religious freedom.

Now, McDonald’s revamping its coffee mugs to promote vaccines, nevertheless, has not been well received by everyone.

The COVID-19 response has also included major pharmaceutical corporations. Retail pharmacies like CVS and Walgreens quickly set up COVID-19 testing facilities at the outbreak’s beginning, and then switched to offering free COVID-19 vaccinations. In order to help recover from the epidemic, the Biden White House is currently collaborating with McDonald’s to change their drink cups so that they include a request for customers to get the free vaccine.

The new packaging and ads will feature art from the national We Can Do This campaign, with the campaign’s slogan set against a map of the United States.

Genna Gent, McDonald’s USA vice president for global public policy and government relations, said in a statement, “We all want to protect ourselves and our loved ones and be together with our communities again. McDonald’s is excited to be doing our part for the people we serve, providing them with simple information that can help keep them safe, this is a team effort – it takes all of us. We’re proud to enter this partnership to provide trusted, independently verified information about COVID-19 vaccines to our customers in the nearly 14,000 communities we serve.”

Approximately a third of the country’s population, or about 113 million Americans, are completely vaccinated against COVID-19. One hundred fifty-one million people (about 45.6 percent of the population) have received at least one dose of available COVID-19 vaccines, according to CDC.

Herd immunity has not yet been attained, however. Immune disease specialists such as Dr. Anthony Fauci estimate that 70 to 85 percent of Americans will need to get the vaccine in order for the epidemic to be eradicated and forgotten.

Both public and commercial sector organizations are searching for cutting-edge tactics to get people to become immunized. In one study, some hesitant people could need a financial incentive to give them the push they need.

McDonald’s new cup design has elicited a lot of criticism among Australian and British readers of the Daily Mail.

“Does Mc D believe its customers are so pathetic as to be influenced by the printing on a disposable beverage container?” One person commented.

“I guess Mickie Ds is off the menu now,” another person said, “Probably a good thing judging by the size of everyone over there.”

Watch the video report below:

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