• April 15, 2024

WHERE IS THE MEDIA?: Police Sergeant Killed Outside Of Los Angeles By Parolee During Hostage Situation

Many people have been concerned about what a dangerous time it is to be a police officer these days.

The liberal left has done everything they can to demonize the police and politicize officer involved shootings.

Even if the officer followed the law precisely.

Now we are seeing awful reports about an officer being killed just outside of Los Angeles.

Here’s more.

From ABC 7 Los Angeles:

A Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department sergeant died after being shot during a deputy-involved shooting in Lancaster, authorities said.

The department identified him as Sgt. Steve Owen, 53, who had been at the Lancaster Station for five years.

Owen and another deputy had responded to a burglary call around noon in the 3200 block of West Avenue J7, sheriff’s officials said. The area was contained and during the containment gunfire was heard in the back of the location, authorities said.

Here’s more.

From The Los Angeles Times:

Owen, a 29-year department veteran, was awarded a Medal of Valor in 2014, the department’s highest honor. His wife is a member of the department’s Arson Explosive Unit.

29 years on the force.

Just awful.

This kind of thing will continue to happen as long as we encourage and validate people who devalue the lives of police officers.

We are all in this together.  It’s a shame the left won’t face that fact head on and disavow the many people out there that are targeting cops.

Our thoughts and prayers are with Sgt. Owen’s family.

The suspect is in custody and he deserves the strictest punishment that California allows.

California is a state that lets criminals out all the time for “non violent” offenses.

It appears that was the case here.

Absolutely unacceptable.

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