• June 20, 2024

Meet Siberia’s Jesus: former traffic cop turned cult leader

Delusions of grandeur exist for one Russian man and his 5,000+ followers who truly believe him to be Jesus Christ reincarnated.

Southern Siberia has become the home of cult leader Sergey Anatolyevitch Toro and his large following after Toro left his worldly job as traffic policemen behind for the more prestigious title of Jesus. Now as this group gains coverage world wide, BBC has sent Simon Reeve to find out the truth surrounding  what seems strange to those of us who refuse to believe such blasphemy.

Although the documentary has yet to air, the footage and answers Reeve received during filming has him chilled to the bone. Now Reeve is speaking out against this following claimg his desire to call social services has never been so strong. According to Reeve the young woman of the following are taught that their place in the world is beneath a man, and education consists of squashing their independence in the name of future marriage which is their duty as women to provide more followers.

Via Fox News:

Sergey Anatolyevitch Toro, 56, was once a traffic policeman and a Red Army soldier before the collapse of the Soviet Union. He is not that man anymore. Now, the man formally known as Sergey calls himself “Vissarion,” and says he’s the founder of the Church of the Last Testament, The Guardian reported.

The BBC’s Simon Reeve interviewed Vissarion and a teacher who lived in Petropavlovka as part of a documentary slated to air Thursday, the Mirror reported.

Reeve called the revelation “scary stuff.”

“I genuinely felt like I should be calling social services. They’re teaching Vissarion’s ten-volume sequel to The Bible,” Reeve said.

This is what the world is coming to and although this person doesn’t claim to be a follower of Islam but his treatment of women sounds exactly like that, doesn’t it?

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