• June 19, 2024

Moments After Blaming ALL Republicans For Las Vegas Shooting, This Dem Senator Revealed CRAZY Plan To Take Away Guns

Just hours removed from the deadliest mass shooting in U.S. history, and many politicians have already begun rallying for who’s to blame. Unsurprisingly, certain high-ranking Democrats wasted little time in pointing the finger, but what Sen. Edward Markey (D-Mass.) declared publicly on Twitter is beyond ridiculous.

The Senator tried to mask his opinion as a call to arms for Congress, but it was impossible for most Americans to ignore his accusations towards the ENTIRE Republican party.

“The epidemic of #gunviolence in our country is not preordained. It is preventable. It is time #GOP stops blocking #guncontrol legislation,” Markey tweeted.

Blaming the GOP makes absolutely no sense. Was it the GOP who opened fire on innocent civilians in an act of premeditated horror? In reality, any push for gun control laws has to be a bi-partisan effort. We learned this in 2013 when a Dem-controlled Senate rejected an improved background check proposal from the GOP.

Apparently, Sen. Markey has a very short memory, but it didn’t stop him from letting loose on Twitter with an unbelievable course of action. Markey outlined his plan to start taking guns from a huge majority of Americans, regardless of who’s actually purchasing them. In other words, Markey is fine with letting one bad apple spoil our Constitution.

The man responsible for this heinous act is dead, and no amount of the blame game will change what he did. Instead of using this tragedy as a way to forward political gains, our leaders should be doing everything in their power to unite this country and its citizens.

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sources: thehill.com

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