• June 17, 2024

Monday Night Football Ratings are taking a HUGE blow as Americans Counter Protest NFL Kneelers

America has ‘spoken’ and the drop in NFL ratings gives an answer they weren’t prepared for.

Disrespectful kneeling during the national anthem has patriotic NFL fans furious. Players believe that this continued disrespect will ultimately go unpunished as owners and coaches stand by and let it continue. However they failed to realize that the fans are primarily responsible for the overpaid nature of their income and without fan support they will be punished financially as broadcasters, advertisers, and sponsors pullout from massively decreasing tv ratings and physical game attendance.

Via Breitbart:

The NFL allowed players to use the league’s national stage to disgrace the flag and the anthem. The NFL also chose to take the players side against the leader of the free world, when he rightfully called those players out. As a result, it appears the league may have done irreparable harm to its brand.

The ratings for Monday Night Football on ESPN tanked hard in Week 4.

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According to Yahoo! Entertainment, “Coming off last week’s Dallas Cowboys’ 28-17 win over the Arizona Cardinals, where the ratings actually went up for MNF, last night’s game was not a victory for the Disney-owned cable giant nor the NFL in the early numbers.

It can’t be understated how bad these numbers are for the NFL. But first, some will say that Kansas City is not a major-market team and that has something to do with the poor performance, especially coming off last week, which featured Dallas and Arizona.

Regardless of team popularity, defense of these actions is becoming harder and harder as evidence proves the opposite opinion has Americans refusing to tune in altogether. If these overpaid NFL players value their paycheck it would be who of them to decease and desist immediately before irreparable damage ruins the organization as a whole. America has spoken and its time for these ungrateful players to listen and return to playing football, politics have enough of a hold in the country with out this nonsense behavior causing it to bleed into sports as well.

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