• May 21, 2024

MOST DISHONEST PRESIDENT EVER Caught in Another Major Lie… This Time on Hillary’s Personal Email. Watch The RIDICULOUS Video

Barack Obama is the most dishonest president in recent memory.

The man lies often with great ease.

Today Obama was caught in another lie.
Last March Barack Obama told reporters he learned of Hillary Clinton’s personal email use through media reports.

However, today The New York Times reported Obama emailed Hillary Clinton at least 18 times on her homebrew server.

The State Department on Friday said for the first time that “top secret” material had been sent through Hillary Clinton’s private computer server, and that it would not make public 22 of her emails because they contained highly classified information.

The department announced that 18 emails exchanged between Mrs. Clinton and President Obama would also be withheld, citing the longstanding practice of preserving presidential communications for future release. The department’s spokesman, John Kirby, said that exchanges did not involve classified information.

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