• June 17, 2024


It is unreal – after militia protest the overreach of the federal government – the feds turn East Oregon into a militarized police state, under occupation by goons armed with much more serious weaponry than any ranchers or protesters carried.

The unfortunate turn of events for the key players in the Malheur Wildlife Refuge occupation has revealed the heavy hand of the control freaks who have taken over the country. The uneasy atmosphere of “papers please” environment in the wake of a controversial and sensitive highway shooting has quite the dramatic atmosphere of further trouble brewing, not unlike pre-revolutionary America… and maybe revolutionary again.

Nazi Occupation Storm Troopers Have Taken Over Eastern Oregon

by Dave Hodges

Steve Quayle has written one of the most informative and timely books of this era entitled Empire Beneath the Ice-How the Nazis Won World War IIIn the book, Steve makes the point that Nazis were never defeated, they simply transferred their centers of power. Nowhere is Steve’s book more telling than it is in Eastern Oregon where the Gestapo has moved in with all the heinous depravity befitting the Nazi Empire.

Papers Please

The phrase, “papers please”, was the hallmark and poster child phrase of Nazi occupation in the World War II era.  In Oregon, the American version of the Gestapo, the Federal government occupation forces have set up its Gestapo practices on state owned and privately owned land in a wholly unconstitutional action. But since when did the Constitution deter this criminal administration from doing anything? In Eastern Oregon, near the site of the murder of Lavoy Finicum,  the public’s identity papers are being examined while under gunpoint. And of course, every rancher in the area is keenly aware that any kind of perceived resistance will be met with extreme prejudice.

In this Infowars interview, conducted by David Knight, a local rancher, who was forced to produce his papers under gunpoint, shares what it is like to have guns pointed in his face as he travels to and from his home to his property in rural Amerika.

In the video, this rancher was noticeably distraught and stressed out as it was obvious that he was afraid to criticize this criminal government for the murder of a fellow rancher. This rancher’s comments, caught on tape by David Knight, speaks to an even greater threat to Amerika, the fear of government reprisal.

Coincidence Or Another Murder?

In The Common Sense Show interview with Shawna Cox in which she established the fact that she was ordered to surrender her guns as a precondition to her release from jail following her arrest at the scene of the murder of Lavoy Finicum.

Subsequently, Shawn Cox’s son-in-law moved the guns to his work space from the Cox household. And just coincidentally, that very night, he dies in a mysterious fire in the work area. Coincidence or a second murder? After dealing with this criminal administration for the past seven years, I stopped believing in coincidences a long time ago.

Nazis take delight in creating false flag events. The Reichstag fire is a prime example of how Nazi’s do business. And now we have a modern day version of this event with the suspicious death of Shawn’s son-in-law.

When the smoke cleared from the Reichstag fire, Hitler was quick to blame the communists and they executed many communist leaders. After the execution of Lavoy Finicum this modern day version of the Nazis are seeking to vilify all ranchers and move them off of their land once and for all.

There Is One Public Official Who Cares

utah governor

There is one public official who does honor his Constitutional oath of office and that isGovernor Gary Herbert. After three years of dancing with the Federal government, Herbert is taking back 31 million acres of land illegally obtained by the federal government.

Some may consider this to be a bad parallel, but I view Governor Herbert’s actions in the same light as when the state of South Carolina bombarded Ft. Sumter. This is a very serious undertaking by the Governor and will no doubt be met with extreme hostility by the Obama administration because apparently, Governor Herbert did not get the memo regarding Agenda 21 and the Wildlands designations in the West. What am I talking about, if you are new to Agenda 21, take a look at the following map and you can begin to see why the ranchers in America have a short shelf life, a very short shell life in the case of Lavoy Finicum.

Put this map into your GPS, it will tell where you soon cannot go. The UN's manifestation of forcing people into stack and pack cities. This map spells the demise of American ranchers and farmer as well as Native Americans on tribal lands. And the federal government has show that they are willing to murder to enforce these dictates.

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