• December 8, 2023

Norway Deports Record Number Of Muslims. Can You Guess What Happened To Crime Rate Number? INSANE!

Donald Trump has been criticized immensely for his argument that there should be a temporary ban on Muslims entering the country until our government has a better grasp of what is happening. Now, it appears that other countries are taking even more drastic measures—and they are turning out to be successful.

Norway, for example, has started an effective campaign against crime. The program began deporting Muslims with ties to radical groups, and liberals have been desperately calling for its end.

Still, the program has had an undeniable impact on the country, with violent crime down more than 30 percent

The liberal population demands that the program must end, and that it unfairly targets a religion. The country’s leaders are insisting the majority of the deportees had returned to Norway illegally or had committed crimes.


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