• June 15, 2024


The electoral college is one of the least understood concepts in our form of government.

When you cast your vote for President, you aren’t voting for the person, you are voting for a slate of electors nominated by each party in each state.

In Texas, the Republican Party selects the electors at the state convention, and then if (and it usally happens this way) the Republican candidate for President wins the majority of votes in Texas, those 38 individuals head to Washington D.C. and cast their vote for the nominee.

Presumably the Democratic Party has a similar mechanism, but it’s been so long since a Democrat has won Texas that it’s not worth researching.

But, unlike many states, Texas electors aren’t bound to a candidate or party; even though they were nominated by a party.

Chris Suprun, 2016 Republican Texas Elector

That brings us to Chris Suprun.

He is a Texas elector who is supposed to vote for Donald Trump.

But he says he’s voting for Hillary Clinton.

And if enough ‘rogue electors’ join him, the next President of the United States will be Hillary Clinton, and not Donald Trump.

“I’m not a professional politician. I’ve got no training on this one,” said Suprun. “The nominee is … saying things that in an otherwise typical election year would have you disqualified,” says Suprun, “I’m still amazed he (Trump) made it through the process,” he said. “I’m not sure who his voters were or how they identify him with what I would consider Republican principles of small government.”

He went on to say that he is considering casting his electoral vote for Hillary Clinton since Donald Trump isn’t a Republican or a conservative and he would rather have a bad Democrat in office than a fake Republican. (paraphrased)

Politico reports:

Suprun said he ran for elector with the intention of supporting his party’s nominee. But he lamented that the institution had become a “check-the-box” routine. He also argued that his home — Texas’ 30th Congressional District, centering on Dallas — is likely to support Clinton. That, he argued, should be a factor in his obligation to represent the district in the Electoral College.

“These constituents aren’t supporting Mr. Trump,” he said, arguing that the Founding Fathers charged electors to “take a look at all the facts, figure it out and make the right call.”

If just one elector per state that Trump won goes rogue, as Elector Chris Suprun here in Texas looks like he will, then it will be Hillary, not Trump taking the oath of office in January.

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