• June 15, 2024

Obama’s Jaw Hits Floor With Jealous Thud After Seeing Trump’s Earth Shattering New Economic Numbers

President Trump has been in office less than a year and is already showing up the Obama administration on every count.

The recent release of the October unemployment rates show the lowest level in almost two decades and it’s all thanks to President Trumps business savvy.

The American economy has been struggling and plummeting steadily throughout the past several presidencies and the effects have been detrimental on the nation as a whole and on a global level. President Trump vowed during his campaign to focus on making America great again and his plan of attack began with illegal immigration to lower population numbers and incentives for companies to keep everything here in the states to increase job opportunities for AMERICAN citizens. Well it looks like that is exactly what he has been doing and the reality must be a hard pill to swallow if your name happens to be Barack Obama.

Via Liberty Writers:

According to IJR, U.S. labor reports for October were released Friday and they exceeded expectations.

The official unemployment rate dropped to 4.1 percent, which marks the lowest it’s been since December of 2000.

This is huge and a total game changer. The kast time we say these numbers was the tail end of the 1990’s boom.

And we have just only begun with Trump. Also wages rose by 2.4% from the same period in 2016.

America was on the brink of disaster with liberals running the country and now that a republican is in office everything is going back to the way it was when the entire world viewed us as number one, not diplomatic pushovers who refuse to use military power despite it being our most powerful asset. Take a look Obama because these are the results that come from a true American leader.

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