• June 17, 2024

One Month After Returning To Old Time Slot Sean Hannity Gets Earth Shattering News From Middle America

Liberal media and the fake news parade is finally failing as top rated News show switches to Sean Hannity with a landslide victory.

MSNBC has been beating Fox News in nighttime ratings thanks to their slanderous and fabricated reports bashing President Trump with little to no evidence, merely liberal opinion to go off of.

In an attempt to turn things around, Fox News made the wise decision to move the ‘Sean Hannity Show’ back to its original 9pm slot and the effects have been dramatic to say the least. Not only did the ‘Sean Hannity Show’ completely dominate the charts on a daily basis, it did so for the entire month of October with an astounding half a million viewer lead over the competition.

Via Liberty Writers:

Sean provided the antidote Middle America needed as the new ratings clearly show.

According to Deadline, Sean’s return has been a triumphant one indeed.

Back at his original 9PM timeslot, Sean Hannity’s show crushed the competition.

He was the most-watched cable news program for the entire month of October with an earth shattering 3.2 million total viewers.

To make it even better Sean garnered 686K eyeballs in the 25-54 age bracket advertisers salivate over.

Factual reporting supported by legitimate evidence is what ALL News is suppose to be. Claiming to adhere to a little thing called journalistic integrity is the rhetoric of all journalism yet is absent in the majority of actual reports.

Thank God that someone has finally managed to regain control over the mainstream media outlets that air opinions instead of facts when that’s what the American needs, the facts. Plain and simple.

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