• June 19, 2024

After Orlando Attack, GEORGE W. BUSH Takes Matters INTO HIS OWN HANDS & DOES THIS … AWESOME !!

VIA| The entire country, and arguably the world, has been fixated on the devastating shooting that took place at a Florida nightclub over the weekend.

49 people were viciously gunned down by a radical Islamic extremist in what amounts to the worst terrorist attack on American soil since 9/11.

Condolences and support immediately started flowing into the Orlando area after the shooting.

However, our president didn’t even bother picking up the phone to call the Republican governor of Florida.

But guess who did…

From BizPac Review:

In the wake of the Orlando nightclub massacre on Sunday, President Obama has left Florida’s governor hanging.

Gov. Rick Scott said a White House staffer has called but there has been no direct communication from the president, in an interview with Brian Kilmeade on Fox News’ “Fox and Friends” on Tuesday. Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi had also indicated  her disappointment in the president’s lack of direct contact with Florida’s officials.

However, former president George W. Bush did reach out to Scott.

“He said he and Laura were praying for us,” Scott said,  “and anything he could do, he would love to be helpful.”

George W. Bush doing what he does best.

Operating with class.

President Obama doing what he does best.

Playing politics.

Donald Trump apparently also gave Governor Rick Scott a call.

This is a perfect example of how petty this president is.

All that matters to Barack Obama is politics and that is clearly visible in this case.


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