• June 15, 2024

WARNING-GRAPHIC: Picture Of Woman Breastfeeding Her Baby Seems Normal…But Look A Little Lower. MOTHER OF GOD!!!

Well, that’s something you don’t see every day. This happened in Brazil. A woman was riding a motorcycle and got into an accident with a car. Moments later, she can be seen calmly breastfeeding her baby, but it’s when you look lower that your stomach does a lurch. Her ankle is facing the wrong way and is way bloody. In fact, her leg is broken up pretty badly and she is not crying or displaying pain at all… she’s feeding her baby. Now, that takes a level of love and discipline I don’t think I’ve ever seen before. Just wow.

From The Mirror:

This footage shows the amazing response one motorcycling mum had to coming off her bike – as she breastfeeds her baby .

The amazing film reveals an accident scene where a motorbike is trapped under the front of a car.

The camera then goes to an assembled group of people in what is reported to be Brazil and, when they part, a mum can be seen breastfeeding her little one.

As she calmly offers her breast, her painfully twisted left ankle looks to be facing the wrong way with blood in evidence.

This woman didn’t care about her own pain or welfare. Her whole world and focus is her baby. That’s impressive. She could bleed to death, but the baby came first. Most people would simply go into shock. Another person in the background appears to be bleeding as people walk around the scene, hopefully awaiting the emergency services. The video has been shared online with comments including: “Respect to her for taking care of her baby.” She could have been easily killed in the accident by the look of it. One wonders how she was carrying the baby. It’s a minor miracle the child was not hurt. That baby is certainly loved – I hope the mother recovers fully.




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