• October 2, 2023

Rattling Nancy Pelosi Arrived In England, And She Got Shut Down BIG TIME!

After what happened to Joe Biden’s motorcade, things just got even worse for Nancy.

Previously, President Joe Biden was met with protesters during his trip to California on Monday to campaign for Democratic Governor Gavin Newsom as he fights to remain in office.

Biden’s motorcade was booed by a crowd of people as it drove to Newsom’s final campaign rally at Long Beach City College’s Liberal Arts campus and many protesters held signs criticizing COVID-19 vaccine mandates. This is something he truly deserves.

Biden was also met with other groups of protesters during his visit, with some carrying signs showing support for former President Donald Trump and calling for Newsom to be recalled. Reuters estimated that one group of demonstrators was around 200 people strong.

Meanwhile, in North of England, the clown Speaker Nancy Pelosi had been slammed by angry people saying “Trump Won the 2020 elections” well, they are just pertaining that these fraudsters are not welcome on their soil.

Despite the botched Afghanistan withdrawal, Democrat Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi said President Joe Biden is “perfect” and “knows his foreign policy.”

Pelosi’s remarks were made at the Cambridge Union Society in Cambridge, United Kingdom.

Clueless Pelosi forgets what a disaster the Afghan withdrawal was when 13 of our brave service members were murdered by a suicide bomb. Also, there are Americans still trapped in Afghanistan that wouldn’t agree with Pelosi. She’s on record saying the $86 billion in military equipment we left to the Taliban is no big deal.

Or maybe she also has bad dementia-like his chief.

Pelosi really needs to go. Take Bye-den with you.

Watch it here: Video/Rumble

Source: 100% FedUp

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