• June 15, 2024

SENIOR BANKER, Don King, Calls for ISIS to Do the UNTHINKABLE to Melania Trump, PURE EVIL

Liberals love to claim the Republican Party has the violent and hateful supporters. But now, with the election over, it is liberals who are proving to be hateful. And this man is one of them.

Don King is a senior banker with BNP Paribas, and on his Twitter, he allegedly sent a tweet to his followers calling for ISIS to rape and murder Melania Trump, as per the Gateway Pundit.

If this tweet is real, there is no evidence of it on his page, but King is now claiming his account was hacked. This seems to mean King believes the tweet was published by his account—just not by his hand.

King has asked the FBI to check his history to prove he doesn’t proclaim any violence on his page. However, he has a long history of bashing Donald Trump as well as being crude and disrespectful on his page.

I wouldn’t be surprised if he actually sent that tweet and thought it was some kind of sick “joke,” based on the sick humor he has on the rest of his page. When people reacted negatively toward him, however, King suddenly decided he was hacked. Who would hack a man who only has 5,000 followers? Seems like small potatoes to me.

This man needs to be properly investigated for his alleged joke, so people can get to the bottom of this. Rape and murder are never funny, especially against the first family. If someone had said that against Michelle Obama, the account would have been deleted faster than ice melting in the hot sun.

But because liberals are huge on drama and because they’re “upset about this traumatic election,” they are handed ‘get out of jail free’ cards. And that is neither right nor fair—this man reportedly threatened the future first lady! How is this not a huge deal even to liberals?

This man is a senior banker, yet his Twitter feed is akin to a 16-year-old boy’s. I would never take my business to this man because he acts like an overgrown child who has a problem with gambling and crudeness. Not exactly what I would call professional.

Right now, there are only screenshots of the horrible threat against Melania Trump.

This is a perfect example of how liberals, especially recently, are more violent than conservatives. Donald Trump did say he would attest the results of the election if Hillary Clinton won, but only because of the rampant election fraud. More of this is still being uncovered. However, Trump never said he would have riots in the streets or threaten the safety of Bill Clinton—that would be equally despicable.

Donald Trump won fair and square, so liberals need to stop with the violence and the death threats because all it’s proving is that they’re hypocrites. With the attacks against white people assumed to be Trump supporters, they have labeled themselves as racists. With the call to rape Melania Trump, they have labeled themselves as women haters. It would seem that liberals are becoming that which they fought so hard to stop—that being what they believed Donald Trump was.

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