• May 21, 2024

SHE’S DONE! Hillary LOSES IT After Her NUMBER 1 Donor Openly Admits to FUNDING Al Qaeda

Let me just say that I HATE Hillary Clinton. In fact, I’d go as far as saying that there is only ONE thing I hate more than Hillary, and that is her Number 1 Donor who just admitted to Funding Islamic Terror.

You guessed it, the Royal Family of Saudi Arabia just came out publicly and admitted to paying hundreds of millions of dollars to terrorist organizations and then LYING about it to the US.


And why did they lie? So that they would be able to keep selling oil to us of course.

And in case you are wondering why they are finally being honest about ruining the world, King Abdullah would tell you they are feeling guilty. That’s a big fat lie though.

The REAL reason Saudi Arabia is admitting to funding groups like ISIS, Hamas, and Al Qaeda, is because the are worried that Donald Trump is about to become our president and he is not too happy with them.

The Saudis have already invested TRILLIONS of dollars into buying out the establishment politicians on both sides as well as the American media. (H/T – Politico)

We have to expose this criminal organization of Islamists to the world before they brainwash ANOTHER generation of Americans into thinking they are our allies. That’s why I am calling on you, my fellow patriots, to share this all over Facebook.

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