• May 30, 2024

Shock Announcement from the FBI: Pizzagate is Real!

Do you recall Pizzagate?

It’s possible that the now-famous “conspiracy theory” was never really a hypothesis after all. Recently, the FBI reportedly made many arrests of people connected to a pedophile network.

These people were euphemistically referring to their crimes involving child trafficking and pizza by using terminology like “hot dog” and “pizza.”

Although it hasn’t been verified yet, many people think that these people are related to the Pizzagate controversy, which was first said to have occurred mostly in Washington, D.C.

As of right now, this information is just being reported by one source, and the narrative is still being developed.

If it turned out that there was some truth to Pizzagate, would that surprise anyone?

Patrick Webb, a journalist with Leading Report, supplied the proof:


Even Elon Musk has taken note of the Pizzagate scandal, according to CNN Business:

In a post Monday, an X user attempted to link the founder of Media Matters — the progressive media watchdog that last week identified ads for major brands running alongside pro-Nazi content on X — to the owner of the “Pizzagate restaurant.”

Musk replied: “Weird.” By replying, Musk called the post to the attention of his more than 160 million followers on X.

The Independent sought to discredit the Pizzagate theory.

Pizzagate is an anti-Hillary Clinton conspiracy theory promoted on 4chan, Reddit, Twitter and other platforms in the final days before the 2016 US presidential election.

Believers accused then presidential hopeful Ms Clinton and other senior Democrats of running a child sex trafficking ring out of a Washington DC pizza joint.

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