• August 9, 2022

SICK: Americans FURIOUS After This OBSCENE Photo Leaks Revealing What Michelle Took On Her Africa Trip

Michelle Obama’s trip to Africa was supposed to be different, though. According to theWashington Free Beacon, it was supposed to be an affirmation of the Obamas’ pledge to increase education for young women in Africa and end the cycle of poverty in that part of the world.

That sounded all well and good, until she landed in Morocco wearing something that cost fully 60 percent of a Moroccan’s yearly income.

To the untrained eye, what the first lady is wearing might look like one of your wife’s iffier choices from Anthropologie. It’s actually a black floral wrap from fashion designer Proenza Schouler, something that retails for a staggering $1,750 online.

Do you think that maybe — just maybe — this might have been the time to go with Banana Republic, Michelle?

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