• November 26, 2021

SICK: Pfizer Ad Openly Lying To Kids To Get Them To Jab Up!

The spread of the coronavirus has affected people all over the world, and state and local governments are taking sweeping actions to halt the spread of the disease and mitigate the public health and economic impact of the outbreak and that is how they invented the Vaccine.

It says that Vaccines prevent coronavirus disease and are perhaps the best hope for ending the pandemic. However, lots of scary reports of Deaths following the COVID-19 Vaccination.

It seems like the information about Covid Vaccination is likely “false”, and right now they’re trying to trick Kids from taking the jab, saying they’ll Get Superpowers if they take the COVID jab.

The CDC gave Pfizer permission to distribute the experimental COVID vaccination to children this week.

And this is truly pure evil!

Pfizer is going for it, they believe that their experimental product has a new market potential of one billion humans.

Children have a greater chance of drowning, dying in a car wreck, or dying from the flu than from the coronavirus.

More children have been fatally shot on the streets of Chicago than have died of COVID-19 in the state of Illinois.

The flu vaccine is not mandatory for children!

Here’s what the folks are saying online:

“Why not show a commercial of the young lady who volunteered for the vaccine trial and is now permanently in a wheelchair!! Let’s see how happy these kids will be then! Big Pharma is demonic! Anyone who gets their kid vaxed should be charged with child abuse!”

“This is sickening child abuse. Pfizer must be run by real demons, or just assholes.”

“Murdering Thousands of innocent children and Pfizer has immunity from prosecution and law suits. Crimes against children won’t be tolerated we’re coming for you, justice by any means necessary”

“Pfizer needs to be shut down and all the people involved in the scam arrested and tried at the Nuremberg trials this is beyond disgusting”

“Do you know more children have died from the shot than have actually died from COVID?”

“More kids will die from the jab than the virus. It’s a fact”

“Using innocent children for their corrupt and vile agendas..sick pathetic scumbags.”

Watch it here: Rumble/TheGateWayPundit

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