• January 15, 2022

Iraqi Prime Minister Reveals Striking ‘Difference’ He Noticed Between Trump and Obama on Fighting ISIS

In one of his first moves as president, Trump ordered his Defense Department, headed by Gen. James “Mad Dog” Mattis, to formulate a plan to “totally obliterate” ISIS.

Well, looks like he is following through with his word!

Even the Prime Minister of Iraq has faith in Trump’s plan.

Haider al-Abadi, Iraqi Prime Minister who has met with both President Donald Trump and former President Barack Obama, told “Fox News Sunday” that he noticed a big difference in how Trump and Obama approached the major issue.

“President Obama didn’t want to get involved in the first place. He just wanted to just forget Iraq,” al-Abadi said, explaining that there was immense public pressure on the U.S. to help Iraq.

He said that Trump, unlike his predecessor, seemed to display a “very powerful determination to defeat” ISIS.

After the Prime Minister al-Abadi’s meeting with President Trump at the White House last week, he stated he now feels confident that the “defeat” of ISIS is “definite” and will be done in a “short time.” He also emphasized the difference between Trump and Obama when it comes to battling terrorism.

“I think this administration wants to be more engaged in fighting terrorism. I sense a difference in terms of being head-to-head with terrorism,” he told reporters.

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