• June 20, 2024

Super S*xy All Female Mexican Police Squad Stirs Major Controversy After Chief Does THIS…

For years, the squad turned heads wherever they went, even grabbing the attention of Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto during a visit in 2013.

But the women say they were often subject to humiliating uniform inspections by superiors. And ultimately they were deemed no more effective at fighting crime.

The unit was scaled down and their uniforms were changed to conform with standard police attire.

But the issue didn’t end there.

The former chief in Aguascalientes who launched the idea, Hidalgo Eddy, is now chief in the city of Queretaro. And female officers there this week filed complaints that they are being subject to “attractiveness” tests as part of a special tourist-oriented unit.

Two officers complained to the state’s human rights commission, The Guardian reported.

They claimed that superiors were focusing on their personal appearance and weight, rather than their abilities.

So this idea of an all female police squad where all of them can pass as models wasn’t a good idea? Go figure! Maybe next time they should think with their brains, not…well, you know.

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