• June 17, 2024

Teacher Violently Pepper Sprayed After A Teacher Took Away Her….

An alarming display of entitlement and lawlessness plagues a Tennessee high school, shining a light on the disastrous consequences of progressive Democratic education policies.

A recent appalling incident occurred at Antioch High School in Tennessee, where a teacher was subjected to a double dose of pepper spray by a student after seizing her phone. This kind of behavior is a direct result of the Democrats’ lax attitude towards discipline in schools and its eagerness to prioritize political correctness over the safety and welfare of educators and students alike.

The student, who had been caught texting in class and using Google to cheat on her schoolwork, decided to take matters into her own hands. Instead of accepting the consequences of her actions, she chose to escalate the situation. One of the other students in the room caught the entire incident on video, commenting, “Mace? Nah, mace is crazy,” while their classmates laughed at the unfolding chaos.

The video shows the teacher fleeing the classroom with the student in pursuit, brandishing a can of pepper spray. Once in the hallway, the teacher exclaims, “She just pepper sprayed me,” but the student is relentless, demanding her phone back and administering another dose of the spray. The result is the teacher screaming in agony and collapsing to his knees.

Despite the teacher’s suffering, the student attempts to snatch her phone from his pocket, only to be shoved away as the teacher struggles to regain his composure. Another faculty member arrives to address the situation, trying to reason with the aggressive student who insists, “I need my phone.”

This appalling display of entitlement and disrespect highlights the urgent need for a return to a more disciplined approach to education, which the Democrats’ progressive policies have consistently undermined.


In response to the incident, the school district issued the following statement:

“The pepper spray incident at Antioch High School represents a serious violation of law and our school policies, and the student involved has received appropriate disciplinary consequences in accordance with the student-parent handbook. An incident report was filed on Friday with the Metro Nashville Police Department through the school’s SRO for further investigation, and the teacher received immediate medical assistance from the school nurse. Due to FERPA’s student privacy protections, I’m not able to publicly share the specific disciplinary consequences for a student.”

However, this is not the first time this teacher has been the target of students’ aggression. Just two months earlier, he was punched in the face by another student for confiscating a phone used to cheat on a test. It is clear that these incidents are not isolated events, but rather a symptom of a wider problem that can be traced back to the Democrats’ progressive education policies, which focus on appeasing students rather than instilling discipline and respect for authority.

Source: 100percentfedup

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