• April 13, 2024

Ted Nugent Wins The Internet With An Epic Facebook Video Destroying Hillary: ‘I got your gun control b*tch’

Gun-slinging Rock-n-Roller Ted Nugent is not one to hold his opinion back no matter who it angers, but his latest Facebook post has got a lot of hypocritical liberals imploding with anger!!

Here’s what he posted:

ted nugent gun post

Nugent posted this video of a debate between Bernie and Hillary that is manipulated so that the smiling Socialist pulls out a gun and shoots the cankled commie down.

Here’s the viral video that has more than a million views:

As we all know, liberals just can’t take a joke, but they’re also insanely hypocritical on this if they are getting angry over an imagery video. Why do I say that? Because liberals heaped praise on a film that literally showed an assassin shooting and killing George W. Bush – and this was during his presidential term!!

Now why is it OK to show such violence to an actual sitting U.S. President, but not to a mere presidential wannabe candidate? Well, we all know the answer, right? It’s because Dubya is Republican and Hillary is a Democrat.

What do you think? Should liberals get a sense of humor and quit whining? Let us know in the comments section below!!

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