• June 19, 2024

The Rise Of The New Civil & Digital Information War

You read the headline right!

We are now in a quiet civil war among the establishment and the Trump administration. The establishment — globalists — are in the midst of controlling the Democratic Party and certain members of the Republican Party, while using the media as a tool to brainwash feeble minded liberals, and have a disease infested influence among future voting millennials.

This information war has just begun. The internet is currently running a full court press on the censoring and shutting down of certain alternative media websites, while restricting certain news media YouTube accounts. Facebook has even developed a suspension of accounts, throwing you literally into “Facebook jail.” Google and Facebook are running a full lockdown on censorship of such leading sites as InfoWars, Breitbart, and The Drudge Report. Any outside rhetoric or critical thinking against the powerful establishment and the sinister agenda of globalism is not allowed and strictly prohibited.

As the internet continues to block and censor alternative sites from expressing free speech and investigative journalism, it has jump-started the brainwashing techniques into the minds of millennials and liberals through the tool of the mainstream media. Mainstream has now deemed all other outside news sources as FAKE NEWS. A term former President Barack Obama and the mainstream media coined, so the establishment could begin its campaign of a mind influencing disinformation attack.

The concept of false and misleading news is as old as the news itself. Over the last century, it has become deeply immersed in the formalizing world during wartime propaganda. Take a look at the Google NGrams Viewer, which follows the words and phrases in books published over the last two centuries. You see that the literal phrase “FAKE NEWS” skyrocketed during the start of World War I, and reached its highest peak during World War II. This most likely was due to the unveiling of propaganda research and the impact of false information on certain societies.

Now, it’s on a global scale of epic proportions. More people are leaving the mainstream media in search of credible sources elsewhere. Alternative media is growing so fast, the mainstream media — with the biggest corporations controlling them — realizes they’re on their way to extinction, just like the dinosaurs.

Out of desperation, the coined term “fake news” was suddenly reborn by the prior Obama administration and mainstream media. Today, the effort is to push the globalist agenda forward, while they frantically scream and point fingers at InfoWars and The Drudge Report , calling them “fake news sources.”

As globalists shut down alternative internet news sources, they are birthing the ridiculous false narratives and story lines against the Trump administration. Thus, the digital war begins, along with the inside government dog-fighting.

It’s a quiet civil war, raging deep inside the political escarpment of the global elite. Buckle up America… We are just beginning to see the tip of the iceberg, scratching the surface to the depths of hell. Long live free speech, and God bless America.

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