• June 17, 2024

The White House Gas Relief Plan Was So Bad That EVERYONE Was Roasting It…

In an Axios report on Saturday, the Biden administration is now considering sending pre-paid gas cards to Americans to help ease pain at the skyrocketing prices of gas.

Joe Biden and his regime are now under pressure made by the high energy costs that worsen by the Western sanctions against Russia. Dems are now desperately looking for alternative ways as they offer some kind of policy response.

The White House is planning to provide Americans with gas cards to help alleviate skyrocketing prices at the pump. This idea is part of the package Democrats are brainstorming in an attempt to offer some sort of positive policy response to soaring gas prices.

The said gas cards idea was then quickly shut down by a House Democratic legal counsel who pointed out that it’s expensive and poorly targeted that would only worsen the inflation and won’t result in lower price. The legal counsel also added that would likely bog down the IRS in the middle of tax filing season, which would lead to delays in filing and processing tax returns.

White House spokesperson Vedant Patel said Saturday that gas cards are “not an administratively feasible solution” and are “not seriously under consideration.”

Patel also told Axios that “There’s a variety of ideas being discussed to ensure that the costs American families are feeling at the pump are as minimal as possible.”

He added, “However, gas cards being sent to the American people is not seriously under consideration. It is not an administratively feasible solution and the Biden Administration is not considering this as a serious option to help American families.”

According to the American Automobile Association, the average price of a gallon of gas in the United States stood at more than $4.25 a gallon on Sunday.

Conservatives on Twitter said that the gas card idea of the White House would only worsen the inflation while avoiding the long-term fix of revitalizing American oil and natural gas production.

Below are some of the comments from Conservatives on Twitter according to the Daily Wire report:

“Amazing. Just amazing,” conservative influencer and co-host of the “Ruthless” podcast, Comfortably Smug, tweeted. “Anything except creating jobs in America making us energy independent.”

“WH hasn’t already learned their policies push up inflation? Let’s make it worse…or maybe they could consider increasing domestic supply?” Republican Iowa Congresswoman Mariannette Miller-Meeks replied.

“After losing hundreds of billions in waste and fraud in the COVID relief/stimulus packages, why not send out gas cards that could be even more misused and, ironically enough, help the gas companies the White House is attacking,” market researcher Josh Jordan tweeted.

“‘We’re facing runaway inflation. Anybody got any ideas?’” National Review Senior Writer Dan McLaughlin wrote. “‘Hey, how about we print more money, but make it gift cards?’”

Other responses can be found below:

According to Axios report:

Other ideas being discussed include stimulus checks, using more ethanol to lower the demand for oil, and canceling oil companies’ federal leases that aren’t actively being used, the senior Democratic aide told Axios.

Various Democrats have also already introduced bills that would suspend the federal gas tax; raise taxes on oil companies to fund means-tested assistance, or provide a federal rebate whenever gas prices get above $4 per gallon.

Sources: Daily Wire, Axios, The Week, Yahoo Sports


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