• June 15, 2024

Protesters Set To Gather At Mark Zuckerberg’s Hawaiian Estate

Zuckerberg looks like he’s letting the money get to his head.

Locals in the Hawaiian town where Zuckerberg has his estate have repetitively complained of the libtard, claiming his security has on more than one occasion, harassed locals among many other issues.

Here is what is really going on, and why the locals are so upset.

VIA| “In June 2016, Zuckerberg constructed a six-foot wall along part of his property, despite protests from locals, who called it a ‘monstrosity’ and not neighborly,” wrote McClatchyDC. “Now, more than six months later, around 200 locals are expected to march in protest along the wall this Saturday.”

Numerous locals have also “attempted to use an old trail that passes through the property, only to be harassed and intimidated by security,” according to the site. “Some have even filed police complaints.”

“Although Zuckerberg owns control over the land, he is not the only one with rights to it,” they continued. “In particular, several parcels of land, totaling less than eight acres of the 700, belong in part to families who inherited the land through the Kuleana Act, a 167-year-old Hawaiian law.”

“People are furious down here with him,” said protest organizer and farmer Joe Hart. “We just want to bring this issue to light. He’s made his money stealing everyone’s information, which we’ve let him do, but to come down here and start suing everyone, that’s not going to fly down here.”

“We were walking along [a beach] and they tried to say that this was private,” Hart continued. “I’ve been walking on this since I was a little kid.”

Zuckerberg defended his Hawaiian estate in a post to Facebook last week, claiming, “There have been some misleading stories going around today about our plans in Hawaii.”

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