• May 27, 2024

Planned Parenthood Gets Caught In Their Biggest Lie To Date

As liberal defend the murderous actions of Planned Parenthood and the disgraceful background of the company…their only defense as that the PP locations not only kill babies for women that don’t want them, but they graciously provide ‘important prenatal care’ for their patients.

Well that crap was just blown to pieces after someone called 97 of their locations, and asked this one simple question.

VIA| It’s going to be a tough road for Planed Parenthood since Trump has taken office, as funding is being slashed across the board. Leftists are angry about is, as they claim Planned Parenthood provides important prenatal care, not just abortions.

Oh, really? Let’s see what happens when 97 different Planned Parenthood facilities are called to ask if they provide prenatal are:

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