• June 17, 2024

Their Home Was Hit By Hundreds Of Golf Balls, And They Just Got Paid Back Big!

When they bought a home next to a golf course in 2017, Massachusetts couple Erik and Athina Tenczar expected there might be some noise and possibly the occasional ball in their backyard.

Instead, they faced a barrage of 651 balls over the next four years, with shots from bad golfers at Indian Pond Country Club shattering windows and making it hazardous for their three young daughters to play outside, according to a lawsuit.

When it hits, it sounds like a gunshot,” 36-year-old Athina told the Globe. “It’s very scary.”

The couple decided to take legal action and sued their neighbors at the Indian Pond Country Club for trespassing because of the continuous bombardment, the newspaper reports.

“They thought they were buying golf-course-view property and what they ended up buying was a golf-course-in-play property,” attorney Robert Galvin tells NBC.

After years of structural and emotional damage, including shattered windows and dented railing, the family took Indian Pond to court over the losses and a jury at Plymouth Superior Court sided with the Tenczars, which led to a roughly $4.9 million payday.

“They bought what they thought was their dream house,” lawyer Galvin told The Boston Globe. “And it became a nightmare for them.”

“Honestly, if you have all these houses on a course, I assumed it was safe,” said wife Athina Tenczar.

In addition to winning $4.9 million, they also “won a permanent injunction against golf balls on their property.” The club has also reconfigured the 15th hole so the tee box doesn’t line up with their house and according to the Globe, it’s been months since a golf ball last appeared on their property (it’s also the offseason still).

The golf club plans to appeal and the club’s lawyer said he’s “extremely confident that the injunction will be struck down.”

Ultimately, it doesn’t matter who you (as the reader) side with because the jury awarded the family $3.5 million for damages (with interest it’s $4.9 million) to the home and emotional suffering. They got PAID for living in a house that got completely bombarded by golf balls.

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Sources: AWM, Boston Globe, NBC

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