• June 24, 2024

There’s Something Nobody Ever Realizes About A Joe Biden Resignation….

As horrible as he is, I swear I think Biden chose Kamala Harris as his vice president as “insurance” against any kind of impeachment because she is at least as bad as him, if not worse.

She is undoubtedly more stupid than he is, which is quite alarming, especially when you consider the fact that Joe Biden has a brain filled with tapioca pudding.

So, some people are wondering what would happen if Biden wanted to resign since he is currently dealing with a very serious “classified docs” scenario. Could it really advance to that point?

Well, the folks over at PJ Media think it could. Here’s what they said:

This latest revelation may be what gets Biden in serious trouble.

According to its website, the Penn Biden Center officially opened its doors on Feb. 8, 2018. Based on this timeline, it seems likely that the classified documents that were found in Biden’s office at the Penn Biden Center may have originally been a part of the cache found in his garage.

The classified documents found at the Penn Biden Center were from Biden’s time as vice president — and he left office in January 2017. While it is not clear when Biden started using his private office at the Penn Biden Center, it was likely around the time the center opened, which means the documents weren’t originally at the Penn Biden Center.

This opens up the possibility that Biden may have selected the Penn Biden Center documents from among the cache in his garage for transport to his private office there, which would contradict his claim that he was unaware that he was in possession of the documents and would also cast significant doubt that he is unaware of what the documents contained.

“After I was briefed about the discovery, I was surprised to learn that there are any government records that were taken to that office,” he claimed earlier this week. “But I don’t know what’s in the documents.”

That explanation didn’t hold water yesterday, and it certainly doesn’t hold water now.

Okay, so let’s indulge in a little “wishful thinking” and discuss what would happen if Joe Biden resigned due to this debacle. Before we go, though, I should warn you that the result might be worse than you anticipate.

In a tweet about the subject, Mike Davis, a former legal assistant to Justice Gorsuch, noted how frightening it is to consider this situation in light of the 22nd Amendment.

Mike stated the following in a tweet: If President Biden leaves office after January 20, 2023, President Harris might still seek for two 4-year terms under the 22nd Amendment (10 years total). Harris could only run for one 4-year term if Biden vacated the White House before then (6 years total).

Another person made a really good remark, but since our government is a swamp, it won’t be implemented:

The 22nd Amendment also means that if Trump were somehow reinstated as the rightful winner of the 2020 Election after January 20,2023, he could still run for a second 4-year term, as an incumbent, for 10 years total.

Do I believe Kamala could win two terms on her own now? Oh, please no. However, do I believe Kamala might prevail in the “new” US electoral system that the Democrats have put in place?

Oh my god, absolutely. and that’s why this is so horrifying.

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