• June 17, 2024

There’s Something They’re Not Telling You About Biden’s COVID

It is strange how often Joe Biden has been diagnosed with COVID.

After all, Biden is jabbed and boosted many times over, and yet, he still keeps getting sick.

It is almost as the jabs don’t even work,,,,

That is what we all have been saying for months and yet here we are still.

At any rate, when Joe was first diagnosed with COVID his symptoms changed rapidly.

It started out with no symptoms, then he went to mild, then he had a sore throat and body aches, and then he had a respiratory illness, then he was magically cured, and went off on his merry way, only to get struck down by COVID again a couple of days later on July 3oth, and he’s tested positive ever since that day.

Even at this time, Joe sounds horrible and looks like death warmed over.

Regardless, the Handlers have been dressing up Biden like “Weekend at Bernie’s” where he appears to be half dead. And speaking of that, Radar Online is reporting that Joe actually might be suffering a lot more than we realize, and it’s because of a disease he that he has that the White House is not even talking about. Nobody is, actually.

Radar Online reported:

Democratic officials in Washington are refusing to speak about President Joe Biden’s biggest health risk. One that could make his recent bout with COVID-19 deadly, Radar has learned.

During the campaign trail, Biden coughed over and over. Eventually, he had to come clean that the cough was due to GERD. That is when acid reflux leads to hacking.

The disease can be little more than an annoyance most times. But today is not most times. The world continues to face the COVD-19 pandemic and people with chronic conditions like GERD face a higher risk of death or severe complications if they catch the virus. Research shows that GERD specifically is a “high risk” condition when it comes to COVID.

Biden’s doctor and his spokespeople haven’t mentioned a word about Joe’s potential risk of GERD, even after he tested positive again, and now, he can’t seem to kick COVID. Recent studies show a correlation between an increased risk of dying for patients with GERD who contract COVID-19. According to one study out of Australia, GERD led to a 15 percent increase in severe illness or death from COVID compared to patients without acid reflux.

Coronavirus and GERD can have similar symptoms, such as cough and chest pain. The concern is that COVID can cause respiratory illness, and so can GERD, so it’s a double-whammy for Joe, and as we know, he developed a repository illness.

Oddly, this ailment is part of the public record, yet, nobody is talking about it right now. And even more odd is that this ailment is linked to serious bouts with COVID, even death.

However, our media is still not discussing it. I think any situation where an elderly person is more likely to catch a respiratory illness is very serious; I think when they’re hit with TWO of these illnesses simultaneously, it’s newsworthy, and the fact that Joe can’t get rid of his COVID, despite his 187 vaccines and boosters.


You really have to wonder what’s going on and why nobody is discussing GERD, especially in the media. If it were Trump, it’s all they’d be talking about, and how Mike Pence was about to take over the country — breathless coverage 24/7.

UPDATE: Biden finally tested “negative” for COVID…for now.


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