• June 15, 2024

These Are Hidden In Walls All Around The World. You’ll Never Guess What It Is

What started of as a single person and their idea to enlighten and unplug the community, as well as stick it to the man a little, has grown into global phenomenon. In 2010, Aram Barthol wanted to create “an anonymous, offline, peer-to-peer file-sharing network in public space.” He called them Dead Drops. In the wake of all sorts of anti-piracy litigation, ad campaigns and laws being made, this idea has caught on world-wide to the tune of over 1170 Dead Drop locations!

USB in a BrickWall - Dead DropsIf you’ve ever wondered why there’s a USB randomly sticking out of the wall, this is why!

PlugIn2 a Dead Drops SiteJust plug it in and you’re ready to download anything that seems interesting, or upload something of your own.

PlugIn to a Dead Drops SiteWhen you’re done, simply unplug and walk away.

Dead Drops site in Pont Des Arts ParisYou might not even notice the USB in Pont Des Arts, Paris.

Dead Drops site in Pont Des Arts Paris CloseupUntil you take a closer look!

Dead Drops DropSpot with arrowThat’s why there’s photos like these to show you exactly where to go.

Dead Drops DropSpot in useIt’s like a Treasure Hunt… You never know what you’re going to find!

Dead Drops site in Folsom CaliHere we have one in Folsom, California.

Dead Drops site in Palais De Tokyo ParisIn front of the Palais De Tokyo in Paris.

Dead Drops site in Hanoi VietnamHanoi, Vietnam.

Dead Drops site in Dakar SenegalEven Dakar, Senegal.

Dead Drops site in Cagliari ItalyA sticker was left to mark this Dead Drop location in Cagliari, Italy.

UK Map Dead DropsJust one map as a sample of the expansion of the project.

Dead Drops Readme.txt screenshotHere is a copy of the Dead Drops readme.txt file. It reads, “For everything you do, you are responsible yourself!”

I am excited to look up the nearest Dead Drops on my next vacation. Imagine going on a European trip with some time to kill, you find a Dead Drop location and download some photos with directions to an awesome hidden location! Maybe locals helping you to find somewhere special off the beaten path, new music by up and coming artists, or even scavenger hunt clues and directions; the possibilities are endless and adventures unimaginable.

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