• October 2, 2023

These Truckers Had ENOUGH And Did Something HUGE For Freedom!

“Freedom,” this is what I feel every time I hear a car blowing its horns… and I fuc*** love it.

I haven’t anything in this world as Australia did.

Maybe California…

But with their current COVID lockdown madness, right now Australia is running a close second.

After 111 COVID cases popped up in 24 hours, Sydney is back under lockdown again.

Whatever was manufactured in that lab was made to be “highly contagious” and I just don’t understand why people think locking down will stop that fact from being true?  I guess this is just going to go on forever? I mean, I guess it would help if you “lockdown” forever but other than that, it’s kind of pointless.

Most healthy people (who aren’t insane liberals) at this point, would rather live life and take their chances with a 99.8 survival rate virus but clearly, the majority of people are tired of this.

A huge conveyor of tuckers to protest the new lockdowns took off the streets in Sydney.

If you can hear those horns…Those are freedom horns.

It feels like that the global elites will never let it go because they have found their best “power weapon.”

“Peasants” like use are the only people who this virus impacting negatively. While Big Pharma is making tons of money, politicians will get piles of donations, and all the billionaires are getting richer.

It’s already happening in LA, it’s coming…And I don’t think more lockdowns won’t happen here.

It’s amazing how quickly everything can change…all because we allowed “fear” to take over.

Now, who knows if we’ll ever get our lives back again.

Watch it here: Youtube/ Citizen Free Press

Sources: WayneDupree, TheBlackNewsReport

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