• October 2, 2022

They Asked Black Americans About Wanting Trump Back, And What They Said Will…

Our friends over at Citizen Free Press always have good content. If you haven’t checked them out, I suggest you head there. One of my favorite things is reading all the great comments from Trump supporters on the site. At any rate, while on their site, snooping around, there was this amazing clip from “Savannah Says.”

She’s a journalist who takes to the streets and gets people’s honest opinions on politics, and she does a fantastic job.

In this piece, Savannah asks people if they believe Joe Biden’s new messaging of amazing “low gas prices” and a BOOMING economy… Joe and the media have been pushing this like crazy, even though gas is still nearly 2 dollars higher than it was a year ago. This is what they want to do.

They want to get you used to this crappy high cost so that you’ll THANK THEM when they slightly lower it. Of course, Joe’s idiot supporters eat that nonsense up, but normal and sane people don’t, as Savannah discovered.

And as it turns out, Black Americans do miss President Trump.

You can watch the video below:

Here’s the full video:

Here are some of the great comments from the Citizen Free Press family:

“Finally, the blinders are off and eyes and ears are wide open. These fellow Americans get it.”

“That shopper is far more informed than those pathetic idiots in the White House.”

“Strong people survivin’…It’s what you make of it.”….Amen. When you get out into the small cities and towns that’s where you find the real voices of America. We’re all the same and we all face the same hardships. We’re the people the elites in Washington don’t give a damn about. But the thing they never understand….we’re tougher than they are and we love this country.”

“Americans of Color who began walking away from the democrat party during the Trump Administration have broken into an all out sprint under the (illegitimate) Biden Regime. ‘Progressive’ Democrats know this and are freaking out which is why they’re working overtime trying to cultivate folks with sexual identity disorders to be the next victim group they can exploit & pander to. Democrats are as desperate as they are depraved.”

“As incompetent and imbecilic as Biden was, on his beat day ever, these are not mistakes. This is absolutely intentional.”

“Did ya hear all the concern over climate change, J6 “Insurrection” and systemic racism? Me either. People don’t just not care about the Democrat agenda, they are pissed off about what Democrats are doing to them.”

“Very impressed with these opinions. Also this video is a good example of how the MSM has brainwashed the masses. I really liked the 17 year old’s thoughtful discussion. You can tell she has been researching the current media lies and willing to listen to a differing opinion. Interviewer did a wonderful job!”

This is why we keep fighting, folks. Our message is breaking through.

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