• October 2, 2023

They Just Called Out Pelosi For Her Latest Get Rich Quick Scheme!

While ordinary Americans have to fight for their rights to work with Biden’s tyranny over unvaxxed workers. Our Congressional lawmakers are busy making millions in the stock market.

In fact, Nancy Pelosi’s husband raked in millions on the stock exchange. At first, Pelosi pushed back – of course, she’s “Daddy Warbucks” thanks to this scam, but she finally relented.

I mean these lawmakers are literally “killing it,” but how is that? Some of these guys walk into the swamp with a net worth of around 3 or 400K and leave with a net worth of $150 million.

Missy Crane of WayneDupree noted:

And I’d guess since most of us are not turning into multi-millionaire TYCOONS thanks to the stock market, that a lot of these lawmakers are getting some big-time insider tips… tips that are making them have an unfair advantage, and providing them more reasons to keep getting re-elected, because of the stock market gravy train their riding all the way to “Millionaire’s Ville.”

Take a look at what Navy Seal Robert O’Neill just said about the astronomical earnings that US lawmakers received thanks to the stock market…on BOTH sides of the aisle.

Here’s what he said: “U.S. Lawmakers traded $355 million in stocks last year. They out-performed the S&P. Both sides of the aisle. Put your mask on…”

Meanwhile, the middle class has to suffer from the COVID pandemic both economically and emotionally, while ELITES are BOOMING. The MainStreet business is closed, but Amazon is booming.

Americans are now noticing this scam, small-town America is dead, but corporate America is thriving… and our politicians are getting stinking rich as a result. People’s eyes are being opened and now, there’s a push to end stock trading for congressmen and women.

More details from CNBC report:

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Democratic leaders have green-lighted a plan to craft legislation that would prohibit members of Congress from trading stock, after months of resistance to a ban by Pelosi, CNBC confirmed Wednesday.

At Pelosi’s direction, the House Administration Committee is working on drafting the rules, and the legislation is expected to be put up for a vote this year, likely before the November midterm elections.

In the Senate, several versions of a stock trading ban are under consideration, including one co-authored by progressive Democratic Sen. Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts and Montana Republican Sen. Steve Daines.

WayneDupree further commented: 

What does Nancy or Elizabeth Warren care about what happens now?

They’ve both made a bloody fortune. And Pelosi is planning to leave Congress, even though she’s pretending to run again and remain the speaker.

It’s not gonna happen. 

The good news is that this move here might do more than “term limits” to get rid of these DC Swamp Creatures. If they can’t make millions and need to live off their 175K salary, they’ll likely get out quickly.

And scumbags, who are just looking to line their own pockets will probably forgo running, opening up spaces for more “average Americans” to run and represent us.

Sources: WayneDupree, CNBC

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