• June 17, 2024

They Now Want To Ban Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer Because Of….

When we think of Christmas we generally think of Christmas trees, lots of food, lots of gifts, and of course the bringer of the gifts, Santa and his reindeer.

It seems though, one reindeer, in particular, is not so popular, or at least the film version of him isn’t.

Now, some activists have voiced their concern about the 1964 classic Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer as they think it is problematic and would like to see it banned.

My kids also watch it every single year. It’s a great movie with a great message! I personally don’t see “the bad” about the movie.

Apparently, these liberals are working on having it removed from playing this year and I’m not ok with this. They say that it celebrates bullies, umm… that’s not the message that I (and millions of others) got from this movie.

From AWM:

The film follows Rudolph, a young reindeer whose nose glows red when he gets excited. Although his nose is harmless, people and animals in the North Pole avoid him because of it. During his adventures in the movie, Rudolph meets Hermey, the elf, and a gold prospector named Yukon Cornelius. Although Hermey is supposed to make toys for good little boys and girls every Christmas, he really wants to be a dentist.

Along his adventure, Rudolph meets an Abominable snowman and arrives on an island filled with reject toys. Because he has a massively good heart, Rudolph wants to help the misfit toys. On Christmas Eve, he travels back home to the North Pole. But an evil snow queen creates a snowstorm that prevents Santa from delivering toys to all the good little boys and girls.

Rudolph saves the day with his glowing red nose and helps guide Santa’s sleigh through the wintry storm. Because of Rudolph, Christmas is saved, and he goes down in history as a hero.

While the story ends well, critics do not appreciate all the hardships Rudolph must face along the way. Because he looks different from all the other reindeer, he is bullied and rejected. There’s a reason this holiday special is still aired today – decades after it was created. Nevertheless, critics want the movie axed from the holiday repertoire immediately.

Hermey, a major character in the film, scares critics. The elf is obsessed with teeth and has a sinister personality.

But even Rudolph is not free from criticism. Throughout the movie, he has a crush on Clarice, a pretty female reindeer. However, the romance is centered solely around his physical attraction for the animal of the opposite sex. The politically correct police wished that this romance could have had more substance and been more focused on Clarice’s personality rather than her long eyelashes and flowery, feminine whiles.

If anything, ‘Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer’ shows how bullying others is wrong! Yes, there are bullies in the movie. The movie is a lesson about bullying and how it is a bad thing.

Rudolph is different than the other Reindeer and they judge him for it. The movie shows that we shouldn’t judge those that are different than us!

His differences make him special and he is the hero of the whole dang movie. I am feeling a bit passionate about this right now and am really irritated that this sweet film is being targeted.

It’s also being targeted because Rudolph shows feelings for Clarice. C’mon, seriously? I hope that I am not alone when I say that ‘Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer’ is a classic movie with a good message and we need this in our lives.

Watch the video report here: WFMY News2/Youtube

Source: AWM

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