• September 26, 2023

This Is Why Kamala And Grandpa Joe Keep Getting Stuck On Repeat….

Joe Biden and Kamala Harris say the same phrases over and over again.

It is something that most politicians do when they are attempting to get their point across or trying to sell an idea.

I am sure you remember when Barack Obama ran for president, and he kept using the phrase, “change you can believe in,” right?

He used it constantly, and it honestly became a reality.

Before too long, the American people were tightening their belts, and the country suffered from economic policies.

We see the same thing from Joe Biden and Kamala Harris.

Let’s start with Kamala:

As a senator, she never really stood out as anyone extraordinary. She was very “basic,” and when she questioned her “enemies,” she came off as very staged and weirdly angry.

Kamala’s presidential run was more remarkable, but not for anything good.

It was one of the worst performances ever, oddly enough, many people had high hopes for Kamala, including Barry Obama, but it was clear pretty quickly that she had no personality or charisma whatsoever. She was out of the race before it even got started.

Yet, she was still picked to be Biden’s phony Veep, which was strange. Why would you choose a complete and total loser who performed so badly to be your VP?

The main reason is that Joe’s Handlers didn’t want any real competition. Imagine if there was a VP right now who seemed capable and strong? Joe wouldn’t stand a chance. But Kamala being “Kamala” is an insurance policy for Joe. She’s a complete and total mess.

A very savvy Trump supporter and meme artist who goes by the handle “Maze” went back and watched old Kamala speeches, and what he found revealed Kamala’s little “trick.”

She repeats the same “profound” phrase over and over and over again… this is pure laziness from her and her speechwriters.

Now, I know that many people who give speeches, like when they campaign, will use some portions again. That’s called a “stump speech,” but Kamala isn’t giving stump speeches… so there’s no need to reuse the same line repeatedly, but that’s exactly what she does.

It’s fascinating to see lazy 90s-style propaganda used in 2022.

You can watch the video below:

Okay, that’s Kamala’s programming. Now, let’s look at Joe, shall we?


As Maze points out in this video, it’s one of Joe’s favorite sentences, but it’s not because you’re actually getting “breathing room,” and a reprieve from Joe’s radical climate change agenda…


Because they’re reprogramming you, you understand that the “new” American Dream means you just barely scrape by… they’re getting you used to a new normal, where everything is a struggle. Nothing comes easy unless the government hands it to you.

That way, you’ll be thankful for all the “breathing room” your dear leaders gift you as you suffocate through their great reset.

A big thank you to Maze, for shining a light on this and putting it all together.

I’d encourage you to head over to his page and check out his other work.

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