• July 12, 2024

THOUSANDS of White Victims Attacked In Hate Crimes, CNN Caught Doing THIS to Hide It!

The disingenuous reporting of the mainstream media goes on. Even after the American people sent the message that biased reporting will be rejected, the mainstream media continues to advance manipulated and false narratives onto the people.

The latest assault on the truth comes from one of the usual suspects: CNN. As The Daily Caller reports, CNN featured a story about “hate crimes” in the aftermath of the election and conveniently forgot to include violent attacks against Trump supporters in the list. In fact, they actually painted a picture of the violence stemming from Trump supporters.

With violent protests taking place around the country—many resulting in personal injury, coercion of participants, and damage to property—it is obvious that the overwhelming majority, if not all, of the “hate” is coming from the progressive left, but the mainstream media just keep shopping the false-narratives.

In a featured story about “hate crimes” following Donald Trump’s win in the 2016 election, CNN categorizes anonymous graffiti messages as “hate crimes” at the hand of Trump supporters. They do this even as they ignore physical assaults on white people, classifying those as “other attacks.”

Using a tally of “hate crime incidents” since the November election from the overly biased Southern Poverty Law Center—an organization typically cited by progressive left-wing organizations—CNN reported that “a wave” of hate crimes is sweeping the nation. They didn’t stop there, however; they implied that the wave was almost exclusively emanating from Trump supporters.

The story includes a running list of these incidents allegedly perpetrated at the hands of Trump supporters, but most of the examples given are of hateful graffiti messages found in various places, not physical crimes against individuals, least of all physical crimes against individuals committed on the basis of race or some other prejudice.

For example, CNN insists that swastikas found painted on a playground in New York City and the words “Heil Trump” found painted onto an Indiana church are instances of “hate crimes.” The only problem with these examples is that the perpetrators of the graffiti would have been anti-Trump supporters, not Trump supporters. Why would Trump supporters call their hero a Nazi? That’s disgusting.

Another account, similar to others, comes in a female college student claiming she had been robbed by Trump supporters because she was wearing a hijab. After campus police investigated the incident, the “victim” recanted the story. There have been many other police-verified fabricated claims of Trump-supporters committing crimes.

Ironically, the clearest example of a true “hate crime” in CNN’s story is the assault of a white Trump supporter caught on camera. In Chicago, on the rough and gang-ridden West Side, several black men brutally beat the man, having yanked him from his car after a traffic incident. They verbally assaulted him and then turned to punching and kicking the man, calling him “white boy” and accusing him of voting for Trump. Bystanders can be heard cheering them on, saying “He voted Trump! He voted Trump! Yeah! Beat his ass!”

CNN buried the details of this and other attacks against Trump supporters deep into the story. In fact, the “news organization” doesn’t even designate them as hate crimes.

This reporting is not exclusive to CNN. The usual suspects of the mainstream media are trying as hard as they can to smear Trump supporters as violent, totalitarian thugs who are ushering in era of intolerance and bigotry.

As usual with the progressive left, they exist guilty of the very “atrocities” they accuse their opponents of. In reality, it is they who are perpetrating the hate, intolerance, and bigotry against the people of the United States.


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