• August 7, 2022

Trey Gowdy Gets VERY Vocal, Issues Alarming Warning for Americans

Former Congressman turned Fox News host, Trey Gowdy tackled the alarming supply-chain situation inextricably tied to the inflation crisis with a stark warning for Americans for an unexpected source. During his “Sunday Night in America” interview with the Director of the Georgia Port Authority Griff Lynch, Gowdy referenced a truly dark prediction from Biden-Harris regime’s Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg.

When asked by Bloomberg, “What is the risk that we will not have the goods on the shelves for Christmas?” Buttigieg attempted to deflect to some sort of endorsement for the radical Democrat’s insane “infrastructure” package which in fact contains stunningly little infrastructure but also dropped a bombshell his boss is probably regretting. The supply gaps and product shortages caused by the continued reverberations of the COVID19 panic “are definitely going to continue in the months and years ahead,”

In full Secretary Buttigieg said this,

“These challenges are definitely going to continue in the months and years ahead,” Buttigieg said. “This is one more reason why we do need to deliver this infrastructure package so that we can have a more resilient, flexible physical infrastructure to support our supply chain in this country.”

Director Lynch gave a more thorough explanation without attempting to sell the Democrat’s policy points,

“What’s going on with the supply chain, we really need to take a look back a year and a half ago when foreign ports shut down because of COVID. The supply chain shut down. The supply chain is only so big, and that disruption is what we’re feeling today. We’re trying to force more cargo through the supply chain and it’s only so big and so resilient,” Lynch explained.

Lynch told Trey Gowdy he is working with multiple agencies to create a new “Supply Chain Relief Program” in order to alleviate the problem as much as they can.

“We think this is something that over the long haul could make a big difference. We think we could stand this up though short-term, the prototype, in the next 45 days,” Lynch said.

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