• June 15, 2024

TROUBLE! Trey Gowdy Uncovers STUNNING IRS Targeting Secret…Now Obama Is LOSING IT

Trey Gowdy did America justice by bringing up the forgotten IRS scandal. If you do not remember, the entire happening revolved around the IRS and its targeting “Tea Party” organizations.

When everything else fails, and people get obsessed over unimportant events, it is good to have someone like Gowdy to bring us back in what must not be taken for granted.

VIA Patriot Journal

The Republican from South Carolina interrogated the IRS commissioner in a Congressional hearing on the topic, and it was something to see.

Of course, the commissioner denied any wrongdoing and tried to joke about his legal experience (or lack thereof.) Gowdy wasn’t amused.

After lecturing the commissioner about basic legal concepts regarding the destruction of evidence, Gowdy got him to admit that he hadn’t even reviewed any relevant criminal statutes before beginning his “investigation.” The commissioner said he was relying on “common sense,” instead.

That’s just the beginning. Gowdy runs rings around the commissioner, and while it’s fun to watch, it’s a bit scary, too.

Just think: the head of the IRS doesn’t seem to know what’s legal and what isn’t. Aren’t you glad they’re handling your tax returns?


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