• June 24, 2024

Trump Hating Shepard Smith Has Been Dealt A HUGE Dose Of Karma..

It’s amazing what TDS has done to so many successful people who had such a good “gig.” Look at Chris Wallace and Shepard Smith. Both of them had sweet deals at Fox News, and they probably could’ve stayed there until they retired, but that’s not how the story went, because each one of these guys allowed their hatred for Trump to destroy their careers. Shep stormed off of Fox News and went to CNBC. He might as well have been in the witness protection program because he was never “seen” again. And the same goes for Chris Wallace, who quit Fox and landed over at CNN, of all horrific places. And now, rumors are flying that Chris may be the next to go because his show has such bad ratings.


And speaking of getting fired, it looks like karma wasn’t quite done with Shep Smith because word has it, he’s also getting the boot over at CNBC.


The Daily Caller reported:

NBC Universal’s CNBC host and former Fox News anchor Shep Smith has reportedly been terminated from his role as the network undergoes a major shakeup.

Senior correspondent at Puck, Dylan Byers, shared the news Thursday afternoon.

“SCOOP: NBCUniversal is about to undergo significant layoffs and cost cuts in the weeks ahead, sources familiar tell me. This will start with Shepard Smith and his team,” Byers tweeted.

Smith’s show, “The News with Shepard Smith,” will be replaced with markets coverage until executives finalize a new live show focusing on business, CNBC reported. Smith will depart the network toward the end of the month, according to the report.

“After spending time with many of you and closely reviewing the various aspects of our business, I believe we must prioritize and focus on our core strengths of business news and personal finance,” CNBC President KC Sullivan said in an email to employees, according to CNBC. “As a result of this strategic alignment to our core business, we will need to shift some of our priorities and resources and make some difficult decisions.”

What a nightmare. He and Chris can probably stand in the unemployment line together and commiserate and trash-talk Trump together.

I like what Hugh L Roberts said about TDS:

TDS, short for “Trump derangement syndrome,” is alive and well in the minds of a lot of Democrats.
Ask them what they support about Joe Biden’s presidency. You’ll get an emotional response of “Well, at least he isn’t Trump,” or something about abortion. No comments about the economy in recession, massive inflation, immigration out of control and engineered recidivism by our judicial system.

His latest bailout of the colleges and universities is more corruption, buying votes and sending the wrong message. This will do nothing to decrease the cost of college education. Most kids have a hard time paying back loans, which proves that a college degree isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. Those in support of this bailout say it will spur economic activity. To me, it’s more like the “broken windows” economic theory.

President Biden’s recent speech called not only former President Donald Trump, but the MAGA movement in general, extremists and a threat to democracy. The next day, when asked about his comments, he backtracked just like a typical politician.

I just wonder if people like this, stop and realize what they did, and how they allowed a warped and twisted hatred of a president to completely upend their entire life and career.

It’s really not all that shocking that this happened to Shep and others. Left-wingers tend to be emotional lunatics, for the most part, even buttoned-up types like Wallace and Shep.

Well, happy job hunting, Shep. You’ll need all the help you can get.

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