• April 13, 2024

Trump’s Truth Social Just Received An AWESOME Update!

Trump’s new social media platform was previously only available to iPhone users, but now the app is available in the Samsung galaxy store.

In a public statement, Truth Social’s CEO Devin Nunes praised Samsung for allowing the app to be added to its play store.

Nunes would say, “Samsung has been great — they’re very easy to work with, and they don’t care about politics.”

For the most part, Samsung is a South Korean company that steers away from woke mob requests.

Now the last major platform that Truth Social needs to be allowed on is Google’s Play Store, but due to Google being run predominately by liberals, it may take a while.

Fox Business had more details to add:

Samsung has added former President Trump’s Truth Social to its Galaxy app store, with Trump Media and Technology Group CEO Devin Nunes stressing that the social media platform is the only one preventing Big Tech from “extinguishing free speech” in the United States.

Truth Social became available to Samsung users in the Galaxy Store Tuesday.

“Samsung has been great — they’re very easy to work with, and they don’t care about politics,” TMTG CEO Devin Nunes told FOX Business Tuesday. “They just want to conduct their business, get it done, and move on.”

TMTG began the submission process to enter the Samsung Galaxy Store in late September. It took less than two weeks from the initial submission date to the date the platform became available to users.

Trump’s social media app has been available in the Apple App Store since February 21.

Global Newswire chipped in with these details:

Trump Media & Technology Group (“TMTG”) announced today that the Truth Social Android App is now available for U.S.-based Samsung smartphone users to download in the Samsung Galaxy Store.

The inclusion of Truth Social in the Samsung Galaxy Store represents a major milestone for Truth Social’s availability in the United States, as Samsung commands a 30 percent share of the domestic smartphone market, according to publicly available data.

This is great news. I hope it continues growing and eventually takes out most of the liberal social media sites.

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