• June 24, 2024

Two Electric Cars BURST INTO FLAMES In Grocery Store Lot Right Next To Each Other And…

Well, two more electric cars just went up in flames. This time in Atlanta, at Whole Foods. The cars were side by side in the parking lot. Meteorologist Ryan Maue broke the story on his Twitter and shared footage of the fire. The fire department showed up and put out the fires, but it looked like they burned and smoldered for quite a while. There have been many talks lately about electric cars, as this is part of Joe Biden’s “Green Communist Agenda.”

Last week, Ford laid off 2000 employees and 1000 contractors in Dearborn, Mi. To “get ready” to transition over to electric cars. This is laughable. Not only do we not have the infrastructure to support that, nor has anyone come up with a plan to implement it or solve the ten gorillian problems looming like gigantic white elephants in the room, but America is not an “electric car” country. We’re too big, too spread out, and our rural areas run deep. This is just not doable for most folks with technology where it’s at. It’s great for city dwellers. They can enjoy it, but seriously, leave the rest of us alone.
And then we have cars spontaneously bursting into flames, which is a concern. I’ve done several stores recently on this happening, and understandably that’s bothering people.

Not to mention the cost of these cars, and don’t get me started on replacement batteries that run from 12 to 24 THOUSAND dollars.

You can watch the video below:

Imagine being a liberal and going into the grocery store to buy your soy and alfalfa sprouts, and you come out to see your car and the one next to you is on fire. I’m sure all that smoke is great for the environment.

Regardless, it would be alarming.

I hope they have good insurance.

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