• May 27, 2024

Video: Mike Pence Totally Embarrasses Trump Critic

With Donald Trump, America has a type of leader it hasn’t seen since Ronald Reagan. A strong decisive leader. One who knows how to win. One who is sick of getting rolled by smarter foreign leaders, often in cahoots with our own corrupt politicians, CEO’s, and lobbyists to defraud the American people of their birthright.

Liberals prefer a weak America. Run by weak leaders. Because they are easy to control. Easier to loot our treasury when the man in charge is a fool (see Obama.)

If conservatives, like you, had not stepped up and put a stop to this by electing Trump, by the end of Clinton’s first term America would have become a powerless nation reduced to accepting millions of sharia loving Muslim refugees hell-bent on destroying our way of life.  The choice was that stark.

Conservatives understand the world as it really is. Liberals dream of a world that will never be.

Trump knows it is these liberal policies that are destroying America. They are our weakness, our Achilles heel.

The liberal media, one of the main problems in this country, has simply accepted weakness as our foreign policy. Never questioning the disastrous effects this has on average Americans.

So it came as no surprise they were up in arms after Trump finally showed a little backbone.

Trump sent a non too subtle message of strength to the Chinese when he spoke to the leader of Taiwan.

Our failed weak leaders, because they feared it would upset the Chinese, never dared make such a move. And so they lost every negotiation with the Chinese before they even started.

Mike Pence appeared on  Sunday TV show to defend Trump’s brilliant move and just embarrassed ex-Clinton aide George Stephanopoulos.

It is nice to finally have not 1 but 2 strong leaders.

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